Samuel-Lancaster Productions

Theatre and performance like never before.

At Samuel-Lancaster Productions, we’re not only dreaming, we’re doing. We’re reinventing theatre, and how performers, directors, technical artists, and audiences share stories and artistic spaces. We envision artistic spaces that are equitable, anti-racist, inclusive, and accessible to and for all, and where all people are valued and respected.

We also want to make damn good theatre- powerful, compelling, oh-my-gosh-that-was-amazing theatre. We want to uplift, honor, and amplify the voices of underrepresented and marginalized communities, and start a de-revolution.

Yup, a DE-revolution. Because we don’t think that creating anti-oppressive spaces and making people feel seen and heard in a room should be revolutionary or exciting.

We’re really excited for you to join the de-revolution. Let’s make our dreams of incredibly inclusive, beautifully anti-oppressive, and I-just-entered-another-world-whoa-theatre-is-awesome-especially-when-everyone-has-a-seat-at-the-table performance art a reality.

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